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Ikea, South Korea

Supplying Ikea, South Korea with their first flat pack building envelope!

Ikea South Korea.jpg

Wembley Stadium

We are proud to be associated with our National Football Stadium

Wembley Stadium.JPG

Whiteley Cinema, Fareham

An attractive building envelope for Whiteley's new cinema.

W Cinema Website.jpeg

Eden Park, Isle of Man

Timber cladding offering a natural and renewable envelope

Eden Park.JPG

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A Boatiful Roof!

Designed to give the effect of an upside down boat this construction sits beautifully alongside the lakes edge amidst the enchanting Forest.…

Another project.........another continent!

A simple building with complex logistics took MFDS to South Africa for this exciting project. Utilising the versatile Kingspan Architectural…

An Inside Job!

An impressive project completed for Jaguar Land Rover inside the busy Westfield Shopping Centre, using a Booth Muirie Rainscreen wall system…